Steven van Zandt is back in Lilyhammer – for Season 2. The dramedy tells the fish-out-of-water-story of mobster Frank “the Fixer” who chooses Lillehammer – a town that never met crime – as a hideout after joining witness protection.

Season 2 of “Lilyhammer” introduces outstanding British actors Alan Ford (“Snatch”, “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”), Paul Kaye (“Game of Thrones”, “Match Point”), Amy Beth Hayes (“Doctor Who”, “Shameless”), Tony Pitts (“Red Riding: In the Year of the Lord 1983”, “Sherlock”) and Amit Shah (“The Infidel“, ”Black Mirror”) into the fold.

 Lasse Hallberg, CEO Rubicon TV AS & Metronome Spartacus AS, says: ‘I’m very pleased to see the shooting the second series of ‘Lilyhammer’  kick off last week and I’m so happy to see Steven Van Zandt back in the character that made this series so well received all over the world. The scripts for the second season look fantastic and the creators took the series into a new dimension which I believe will be loved by our audience around the world. The first clips look fantastic and I can promise some extraordinary great cast amongst new characters in addition to Steven and the original cast.’

Jens Richter, Managing Director of Red Arrow international says, “Stevie’s back in Norway! He fits the character 200%, we could not ask for a better leading man. ‘Lilyhammer’ is the prototype of an European-US coproduction. It’s a terrific experience to join forces with Rubicon and Netflix.”

“Lilyhammer“ is produced by Norwegian production company Rubicon for NRK. Season 2 is co-produced by Netflix. With Season 1 scoring rating records in Norway, “Lilyhammer” has already been picked up in over 130 territories.

About Lilyhammer

Former mob fixer Frank Tagliano is still under witness protection in Lillehammer, Norway – living under the guise of Johnny Henriksen, a successful nightclub owner and more recently, a father of two. His encounter with the Norwegian paternal role is riddled with challenges, which he has to juggle while running his criminal operation. A group of English football casuals start causing problems for Frank and his Norwegian friends after a car sale turns sour.

The situation is further complicated by a bank robbery in which documents revealing Frank’s identity go missing. Documents, which he has to retrieve without drawing the attention of the town’s new sheriff. She’s a bloodthirsty career woman who sees Frank as her ticket out of a small, backwoods town. To make matters worse, Frank’s entire past threatens to catch up with him, when his former mob associates learn that he’s still is alive. And the problem is, the more attached Frank grows to Lilyhammer, the more he has to lose.