New 5 x 1 hour documentary to be launched at MIPTV 2020

Red Arrow Studios International has picked up new documentary series How Factories Changed the World from WildBear Entertainment. The 5 x 1 hour series, which has been commissioned by German broadcaster N-TV, will launch at MIPTV 2020.

How Factories Changed the World examines how mass production gives the power to create, build, destroy and consume as never before, shaping every aspect of our lives. The series explores factories past, present and future, from heavy industry and making machines for war, to the factories that produce everyday food, clothing and goods, and the impact of factories on our landscape, cities and culture. The final episode looks at cutting-edge tech and new manufacturing science and asks, where will factories take us in the future, and what will they look like?

The new series follows Red Arrow’s recent launch of How Trains Changed The World – a 6 x 1 hour series for Quest (UK) that examines the impact of trains and how they have changed the way we live.