Red Arrow Studios International’s acclaimed German drama series Einstein is back in development with CBS.

The new development for CBS is written and executive produced by Lauren Gussis, the creator of Insatiable, and executive produced by American Gothic creator Corinne Brinkerhoff.

In line with the original German series, which was a hit on SAT.1 in Germany over three seasons produced by Zeitsprung Pictures, the CBS series is centred on a brilliant young physics professor who is the secret, illegitimate great-grandchild of Albert Einstein. The Gussis and Corinne twist is that she’s his great-granddaughter, not the great-grandson of the German original.

The contemporary series will see her begrudgingly partner with a Boston homicide detective to help solve the city’s most puzzling of crimes, and to address problems ever-present inside the police institution.

Einstein has been set up at CBS by Tariq Jalil’s Intrigue Entertainment and CBS Studios.

Executive Producers are Lauren Gussis, Corinne Brinkerhoff, Tiffany Grant of Green Ribbon, Lucas Carter, Joe Wiggins of Intrigue Entertainment, and Joel Denton and Shirley Bowers of Red Arrow Studios International.

The original Zeitsprung Pictures production of Einstein was written by Martin Ritzenhoff and Matthias Dinter based on their 2015 TV movie, starring Tom Beck (Alarm for Cobra 11). Red Arrow Studios International has sold the German series to over 100 territories, and handles worldwide distribution of the format and finished tape.

Joel Denton, Acting President at Red Arrow Studios International, said: “We are delighted that Einstein is back in development at CBS with such a talented team. The changes to the format for a US audience promise to reveal new layers of the show and we are excited about this new series moving forward.”

The deal is managed for Red Arrow Studios International by Shirley Bowers, VP Sales & Acquisitions for North America, Australia and New Zealand.

About Einstein (32 x 1 hour + movie pilot):

As the youngest professor to have ever taught theoretical physics at his university, Felix is a genius. However, life has its challenges: Felix is terminally ill with hereditary Huntington’s disease, and he faces a prison sentence when accused of stealing illicit stimulants to help manage his condition. He is saved from jail when the police recognize that his brilliance could help them solve some of their most complex cases and recruit him as a police consultant.

Partnered with strong, quick-witted detective Elena, Einstein sees the pair investigate a complex bank robbery which comes to light following the murder of a dog walker, the case of a suspected suicide, and uncover the truth behind the poisoning of a group of senior citizens – all using the intelligence and innovation Felix’s grandfather is famous for.