Russia’s leading independent broadcaster CTC has secured the rights to “Schiller Street”. The improv comedy hit has a number of prestigious international awards behind it, such as a Rose d’Or Press Prize, an Italian ‘Telegrolle’ for “Best Sitcom” and a ‘SAFTA’ (‘South African Film and Television Award’) for “Best Comedy Ensemble”.

Vyacheslav Murugov, CTC Media Chief Content Officer says “Sitcoms form the core of CTC prime-time broadcasting. In addition to the production of original ideas, we also make adaptations of the best international series. ‘Schiller Street’ is one of the most successful German sitcoms, and conceptually it suits the audience of CTC.”

Shakira Hoffmann, Senior Sales Manager, CEE at Red Arrow International says “Eastern European countries are as format hungry as ever. Russian broadcasters are always eager to try new things to find the right entertainment gems for their market. With its international track record ‘Schiller Street’ is the perfect show for CTC.”

About “Schiller Street”

The basics: a stage, a few top-class comedians, a continual flow of surprise guests – and no script whatsoever. Originally created by Hurricane Productions, “Schiller Street” cleverly combines improv comedy with a true sitcom feeling. Using a headset, the director guides each comedian with individual instructions that are unknown to the other cast members – though the audience is kept aware of the hidden dialogue, which is flashed up on the screen.

The reaction of the others to a character’s cue is what has made this show so incredibly funny. “Act like an Eskimo”, “Imitate a stewardess” or “You feel like John Travolta” – confronted by such “out-there” tasks, each comedian must improvise on the spot and go with the flow. Anything can happen… and it usually does!

With sales to over 20 countries across Europe, Africa and Asia, “Schiller Street” has recently been picked up by China’s CCTV1.

About CTC Media

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