Munich, February 1, 2008. He has played the villain many times, but now he is starring in a true classic: German actor Thomas Kretschmann, famous for international blockbusters such as “King Kong” or “The Pianist”, will be playing the lead role in ProSieben’s new event series “The Sea Wolf”. As the ruthless Captain Wolf Larsen, he will rescue the shipwrecked Humphrey van Weyden (Florian Stetter). In the middle of the ocean, a deadly quest for survival ignites between the two men. SevenOne International will be distributing the high budget production.

Filming for the modern remake of one of Jack London’s most acclaimed novels will be starting in March under Director Stephan Wagner on the Bahamas and in Berlin. The event movie is produced by Hofmann & Voges.

The Sea Wolf

Shipwrecked and lost, the intellectual Humphrey van Weyden is rescued by Wolf Larsen, captain of the seal-hunting vessel “Ghost”. Larsen, a brutal and ruthless man, refrains from bringing van Weyden back to shore. Gradually, the situation on board deteriorates when a shipwrecked woman, Maud Brewster (Petra Schmidt-Schaller) joins the men on board. Feeling a strong attraction towards Maud, the two men find themselves fighting each other. Only one man will survive.

Jens Richter, Managing Director of SevenOne International: “Once again, ProSieben has come up with a gripping adaptation of a world classic. After ‘Treasure Island’, Jack London’s ‘Sea Wolf’ makes captivating television, thanks to a great cast.”

Christian Balz, Head of German Fiction, ProSieben: ”With ‘The Sea Wolf’ we are bringing to the screen one of Jack London’s most thrilling adventure novels. It is the dynamics of power and self-assertion that especially appeals to our younger audiences.”