Munich, March 29, 2007. SevenOne International has sold ProSieben’s hit format “Beat your Host!” to the UK, Sweden and Finland. Production Company Zodiak Television Group has purchased the show’s concept for reproduction in these countries. With audience shares around 30 percent (ages 14-49), “Beat your Host!” (Producer: BRAINPOOL) has been the most successful TV show debut in the last three years in Germany. For the first time in TV history, a host competes against his own guests, in physical, intelligence, luck and fun based rounds.

Said Jens Richter, Managing Director of SevenOne International: “The show’s innovative concept and high shares have attracted a lot of attention in other countries. There’s immense interest in ”Beat your Host!” Part of the attraction is the unusual concept, but it’s also the strong visual experience that the show’s various competitions offer. Zodiak Television Group gives us a large independent partner who can now put ”Beat your Host!” into action in the UK, Sweden and Finland.”

Said Tobi de Graaff, Director Acquisitions & Sales, Zodiak Television World: “Beat your Host!” is a simple and great entertainment proposition for a Saturday night audience. We feel confident “Beat your Host!” will be a hit in all our territories. We are delighted to collaborate with SevenOne International and Brainpool.”

Zodiak will produce the show using its own local production companies in the UK (Diverse Productions), Sweden (MTV Mastiff) and Finland (T & T Broadcasters).

Beat your Host!

If you want to beat the host on “Beat your Host!” you’ll need skill, strength, knowledge, guts – and luck. Contestants experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in an extremely wide bandwidth of competitions, ranging from pole vaulting to geography tests to spreading soft cheese on a sandwich. If the contestant wins, there’s a cash prize. If the contestant loses, the prize goes into the jackpot for the next show, with a new contestant.