Munich, February 10, 2011. SevenOne International has sold the game show “My Man Can” to 1+1, a private Ukrainian channel. “мій зможе“ (MIY ZMOZHE), a direct translation of the original title, will debut on Sunday, February 13 at 8 p.m. Preferred language is Russian, but the show will also be produced in Ukrainian, depending on origin of the candidates. The show is hosted by Andriy Domanskiy and Vera Brezhneva and produced by Irina Ionova.

Axel Böhm, Regional Sales Director / International Fiction Acquisition SevenOne International: “On ‘My Man Can,’ the women are in charge and guys who think of themselves as the lords of creation have to show what they’re really made of. A good many couples only really first get to know each other on the show. Now Ukrainian TV audiences will also be finding out whether men can keep their wives’ and girlfriends’ promises.”

Also, SevenOne International has sold the production rights to ‘My Man Can’ to FremantleMedia for the territories of Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Furthermore, SevenOne International closed deals in France and Italy. ‘My Man Can’ is already a smash hit in China: airing prime-time on Jiang Su Satellite Channel, the game show is the most successful foreign entertainment adaption in China in 2010.

My Man Can

In ‘My Man Can’ (produced by Redseven Entertainment) four women gamble with the abilities their partners possess – and put the men’s courage and skills to the test. She sits at a gambling table and bets her rivals that her man can accomplish certain tasks. He waits helplessly in a soundproof cubicle, waiting to hear the task his wife has accepted on his behalf. Each of the women is given 100 gambling chips which she uses to bet on her partner’s performance in each round of the game. If she has claimed ‘My Man Can’ eat 20 chili peppers, he has to do so. If he performs the task, she wins the jackpot.