Munich, March 30, 2007. ProSieben’s science magazine program “Galileo” has only just aired on Russian Television, now it will debut in Poland: The Polish TV station TV4 has purchased Germany’s most popular science magazine program and will air it from April 1, 2007, Sundays at 9pm. The show will use “Galileo” material which is not only produced by ProSieben but also by TV4. The Polish program also runs under the German title.

“Galileo” now airs in seven countries, such as Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, Thailand, China, Russia and Poland.

Said Jens Richter, Managing Director SevenOne International: “Galileo“ is a first-rate science-tainment TV program that explains common, technical and scientific phenomena in an exciting, entertaining, and understandable way. TV audiences are fascinated – not only in Germany but also abroad.”