Munich, January 18, 2011. SevenOne International has sold the format rights for Germany’s award-winning dramedy “Danni Lowinski” to major US studio CBS Television Studios. For the first time a German TV series will be adapted for the US.

CBS Television Studios will produce the pilot of “Danni Lowinski” for consideration at The CW Television Network. Starring Amanda Walsh (“Sons & Daughters”) the pilot will be directed by Emmy Award winner Richard Shepard (“Ugly Betty”). Neal Bledsoe (“Ugly Betty”) co-stars as the youngest partner at a law firm, whereas Carla Gallo (“Californication”, “Bones”) will play Danni’s best friend. George Dzundza (“Grey’s Anatomy”) portrays Danni’s grumpy dad, while Utkarsh Ambudkar (“Nevermind Nirvana”) plays a straightforward IT-guy.

 “Danni Lowinski” premiered on German private channel SAT.1 in the spring of 2010. Outperforming the channel average by up to 64 percent and with ratings of up to 17.6 percent (viewers aged 14-49), the TV series became an instant hit with German viewers – and German critics: “Danni Lowinski” has picked up various acclaimed TV awards. The filming of the second season is currently underway.

Jens Richter, Managing Director of SevenOne International: “Every once in a while, a new TV series emerges and fills audiences and critics alike with glee. ‘Danni Lowinski’ is such a TV series: with its outstanding mix of comical and dramatic storytelling, a perfect cast and a highly likeable look, it had German viewers intrigued from the start. For the first time, a German TV series will be adapted for the U.S. We look forward to seeing the American version of ‘Danni’ delight American audiences in the same way.”

“Danni Lowinski”

Thoroughly funny and highly entertaining, ‘Danni Lowinski’ (produced by Markus Brunnemann/Phoenix Film and created by Marc Terjung) depicts the tumultuous life of the unconventional main character, Danni. A trained hairdresser, Danni decided some time ago that she could do more than just comb hair, so she began studying law. Now, at age 32, she has just passed her exams and is enthusiastic about the idea of finally practicing her profession. But when her job interview with prestigious lawyer Oliver turns into a disaster and all of her other applications are rejected as well, her dreams of a better life are shattered. On top of that, Danni shares her tiny apartment with her grumpy dad, who is confined to a wheelchair. She stubbornly defies her father’s wish that she would go back to hairdressing. Danni wants more out of life – and decides to offer legal advice to the less fortunate in a quite unusual setting…