Studio71 US announced today a number of new partnerships, initiatives and franchises that further expand on the studio’s core promise of delivering the best cross-platform social video content in the industry. Studio71 has seen significant and rising demand for its content, which can currently be found on more than 50 video platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Snap Instagram, Twitch, Tik Tok, Roku, Prime Video, Caffeine and others. Due to its diverse standing in the industry, Studio71 has become the premiere producer and distributor of social video globally, with 1 in 3 Americans online watching over two hours of Studio71 content every month.


Over the past six months Studio71’s podcast business has seen a 400% increase in streams as well as tripled its number of shows.

Studio71 continues to expand its presence in podcasting with the launch of OHoney, a new podcast created and hosted by best friends and veteran influencers Amanda Cerny and Sommer Ray, who together have amassed a social following of more than 60 million followers across Instagram and YouTube. Launching this June, the show centers on the pair, along with an enviable list of confirmed guests, taking calls from lovesick listeners and offering up their best advice for surviving millennial relationships.

Studio 71 has also partnered with the existing podcast Group Chat. Hosted by great friends and successful entrepreneurs Chris ‘Drama’ Pfaff and Dee and Anand Murthy, the successful investors behind QueensBridge Venture Partners in the technology space and fashion brands Young & Reckless and FiveFour, the show gives listeners Drama, Dee and Anand’s take on all things business, culture, current events and more.


Bolstering Studio71’s existing roster, which includes the best in Internet video content from industry heavyweights like Rhett & Link’s Good Mythical Morning and Lilly Singh, Smosh, the biggest and longest-running sketch comedy brand on the internet, has joined Studio71. With eight YouTube channels (Smosh, Smosh Pit, Smosh Games, and SmoshCast being the biggest), 45 million total subscribers and with 15 billion lifetime views, Smosh’s flagship series EVERY [BLANK] EVER and VS will be joined by new sketches and formats, continuing Smosh’s reign as the top channel for sketch comedy on YouTube.


Last year, Studio71 launched its brand safety product, CONTEXT, which has been working behind the scenes for the last 2+ years scanning all Studio71 library video content. As the only way to allow brands the confidence that their ads will be exposed in a contained, manageable environment, the product is a multitiered review process that uses a combination of AI and human review to scan audio, text, tags and descriptions against flagged key words and image recognition for inappropriate content. This year, Studio71 continues its commitment to providing brand safe content by updating CONTEXT to now scan for inappropriate comments and links in comments and to remove them as needed – an essential due to recent pitfalls seen in this area.


In addition to media, Studio71’s new technology and strategic partnerships provide advertisers with true end-to-end solutions.

Studio71 is teaming up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the suite of its products, making a version of its Arrow Intelligence Platform with evolved capabilities available. Arrow’s new enhancements will allow Studio71 clients a continued advantage in understanding millions of influencer’s audiences across all platforms and, as important as any metric, their commercial viability. By answering whether or not influencer’s audiences transact – an important yet missing component in most influencer marketing campaigns – these new data sets and techniques further position Studio71’s Arrow as a true end-to-end solution.

Studio71 is also launching a new ad product “Studio71 Xpand” powered by technology platform Spaceback. This exclusive influencer marketing partnership continues Studio71’s goal to more widely scale results-yielding content beyond social. By pairing Studio71’s data, capabilities and global content infrastructure with Spaceback’s unique ability to systematically recreate social media experiences in standard paid media units, Studio71 Xpand marks the first-time influencer content can be given scale beyond social.