Munich, March 5, 2007. With her braces and glasses, Sat.1 telenovela character Lisa Plenske continues her tremendous success also on French television. The telenovela “Le destin de Lisa” (international marketing title: “That’s Life”) went on the air on TF1 in January 2007 and has been scoring market shares of up to 52.9 percent. Due to its great success, “Le destin de Lisa” has been moved to a later time slot: From now on, TF1 is going to air two back to back episodes at 5.25 pm, which ensures a far bigger TV audience than the previous programming at 4.30pm.

Lisa Plenske is on the air in various countries: The international distribution company of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group, SevenOne International, has already sold the telenovela to TV stations in Hungary (“Lisa csak egy van“), Bulgaria (“Vljubena v Berlin”), Slovakia (“Zamilovana v Berline”), Latvia (“Miila lielaa pilseetaa“) and Frenchspeaking Switzerland and Canada (“Le destin de Lisa”).

”We are happy about the huge success of our telenovela “That’s Life” on French television. It goes to show that telenovelas are still very much in demand internationally. And “That’s Life” has everything a first-class telenovela needs: Great Emotions, an exciting storyline and a convincing main character”, said Jens Richter, Managing Director of SevenOne International.

“The telenovela is a huge success in France”, explains Laurent Storch, Directeur General Adjoint in charge of acquisitions at TF1, “and we are very proud and happy to air “Le destin de Lisa” on TF1. The fantastic ratings show that the Sat.1 telenovela clearly struck a nerve with the French audience”.