• “Beat your Host!”: Best Show (ProSieben) ƒ

  • “Stromberg”: Best Sitcom/Best Script (ProSieben)

  • “Tornado” : Best Actor (ProSieben) ƒ

  • “8 Days”: Young Talent Award (Sat.1)

Munich, October 2, 2007. Last Saturday, the winners of this year’s German Television Awards (Der Deutsche Fernsehpreis), one of Germany’s most prestigious prizes, were announced. Among the winners: Five programs from the SevenOne International sales portfolio.

Beat Your Host!: Best Show

The ProSieben Game Show “Beat your Host!” won in the category “Best Show”. “Beat your Host!”, created and produced by Raab TV and BRAINPOOL, is the most successful TV show debut in Germany from the last four years, with audience shares as high as 30 percent (ages 14-49). For the first time in TV history, a host competes against his guests in games of athleticism, intelligence, and chance. The show has been already sold to the US, Spain, France, Belgium and Romania.

Tornado: Best Actor

Matthias Koeberlin, lead actor of the ProSieben movie “Tornado” (Producer: teamWorx), was awarded the prize for “Best Actor”. In “Tornado” a storm of unprecedented force threatens to devastate Berlin. Meteorologist Jan Berger (Matthias Koeberlin) has studied tornadoes in the United States, and is worried by the weather developments in Berlin. When the storm drops hailstones the size of tennis balls, the signs of a tornado are unmistakable. But no one believes Jan. As the tornado reaches the capital, there’s no way to avoid disaster. The movie has already been sold to more than 100 countries, including France, Spain, the Netherlands, Hungary, the Slovak Republic, the Ukraine, China and Thailand.

Stromberg and Dr. Psycho: Best Script

The ProSieben sitcoms “Stromberg” and “Dr. Psycho” won in the category Best Script (Script: Ralf Husmann; Production: Brainpool). Max Munzl is a criminal psychologist – “Dr. Psycho” – with his own peculiar ideas of fighting crime. He thinks his colleagues need therapy – which is not the only reason they’d like to be rid of him as soon as possible. But Max is absolutely resolved to prove his worth as a policeman.

8 Days: Young Talent Award

The Sat.1 miniseries “8 Days” (Production: Thyphoon) was awarded a prize in the category “Young Talent Award”. Six months after a serious car accident, police officer Paul leaves the hospital a changed man. He is suffering from massive amnesia, his memories torn to shreds, leaving him only aware of small traces of his former life. One partial memory is of his wife Lili, who died just before his accident, shot dead by an unknown assailant.